Lets find out on thought this 7 tips for your Dog’s Safety

Canva-Brindle-and-White-American-Pit-Bull-Terrier-Puppy-Walking-Outdoor-Holding-Green-Ball dog toy safety

For most Dogs this its not a luxury its a necessity, to reduce their stress levels and energy while they are bored. . Dog Toy help fight boredom, provide a mental and physical outlet for energy, 

Dog Toy Safety: which toys are safe ? What should We Buy for them ? Where?

1. Look for Indestructible Dog Toys

Choose the right size of the toy for the right size of your dog.

If you have big breeds like Rottweiler, Golden Retrievers, Pitbulls, you need indestructible toys.

But not only for big Dogs, the small ones of the house look for this kind of toys.

They are not indestructible but they will last a a lot more compare to soft material toys.

Also Keep and eye on them, they are indestructible, look for sharpen edges or big chunks falling of them.

Therefore you see any of this signs, cracks etc, Its time to replace them

There is a few out there but we like this from KONG, will find here for both sizes of Dogs.

For smaller dogs this is the best one in Overall, also can be find Medium and XL for Larger breeds.

2. Ropes ? keep and eye on them…

Ropes are nice an a cheap alternative sometimes to buy for our paw-some friends, but this ones need to be watch closer since they can break, keep an eye on them and make sure they are intact.

Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

For Example, This one is Made from premium cotton blend rope fibers, Large 25-Inch, Color 3 Knot Rope Tug.

Therefore Rope fibers floss dogs’ teeth as they chew and play, A tug shape creating interactive play.


On the other hand its Great for medium – large dogs.Large 25-Inch Cotton blend Color 3 Knot Rope Tug

  • Rope fibers floss dogs’ teeth as they chew and play
  • Cotton blend Color materials
  • 100 percent natural cotton rope fibers that actually clean your dog’s teeth with a floss-like action as they chew and play with the toy
  • 3 knots setup making easier for handling while playing with your loves one dogs.

3. Be Aware of Toys with small parts inside.

Firstly This type of toys are not recommended since this will be the first thing your dog will try to get of the toy. Toys with bells, squeakers or any loose parts inside them are an eminent danger for your Dog since they can eat them worst case scenario choked.

If you are looking for an interactive toy check treat dispensers, will them busy playing hours trying to get into.

4. Watch for the stuffing.

In General, Well made and strong fabric toys with strong seams shouldn’t be a problem.

But some times, seams tear and wear out letting the stuffing inside this type os toys come out.

If you see any signs that this is about to happen please do not think about it and trash this toys, Its time to buy a newer one.

5. The Right Size for the right Dog Breed

Choosing the right size for our four legs friends can be challenging, specially when you take into consideration the amount of choices out there.

If you buy it to big, it will loose its purpose since the dog wont be able to use it or be scare of it, if its too small or you buy smaller ones to get more for what you are paying this might end up into a visit to the Vet which will be more costly at the end.

6. Check with your Veterinarian Before buying any rawhide or bone made toys.

Rawhide toys and bones have their pros and cons. Many dogs enjoy chewing them and plkaying around with while it clean their teeth.

Check with your Vet before you buy any of them to make sure its safe for your dog. They might be good for them but also can become chocking hazard. Stick to reputable brands and make sure they are made in the USA since they comply to all regulations, but still all of them no matter where they came from get soften after a while from chewing, reducing them or making it easier to break into smaller parts that can end up choking your Pet or they can get stuck into their intestine if they are large enough and not that soft.

7. Chewing toys

Chewing toys to control chewing behaviors and  are the best way to channel their chewing tendencies, chewing is a natural behavior with plenty of benefits. While its true that they are getting better on making then and making it stronger, we still need to keep special look into them specially with larger breed dogs. They can shred them and this small pieces get into there intestine which could perforate them


In General look for the safety of your dog not just the beauty, strongest cheaper, or expensive toy. very hard toys can damage your dog. If you find the right toy and your dog loves it you can use it to turn it into a training session, teaching your dog on how to sit wait bark, This might help also to reduce any destructive behavior from chewing of your dog into furniture, shoes or anything else around your place.