Selection Guide Dental Toys and Treats for Your Dog

If you are a dog lover, you must be putting an extra effort to keep your furry friend healthy by providing him a healthy diet, routine checkups with his veterinary, and plenty of physical and mental fitness. Dental Toys and Treats for your dog might be overwhelming when you try to choose the best for them.

Selection Guide Dental Toys and Treats for Your Dog

But have you ever thought about your dog’s dental cleaning? Did you ever search for vet recommended dog toothpaste or some other best way to keep your dog’s teeth clean? Because the oral hygiene of your dog is as important as other things to keep him healthy. Unfortunately, that’s the most neglected factor that counts hugely in your puppy’s overall health.

If your friend is suffering from toothache or sore gums and is left untreated, the bacteria may get access to his bloodstream, ultimately causing heart, lung, or kidney disease.

Follow the tips below and ensure your dog’s dental care with this dental toys and treats for your dog!

Have Your Dog’s Breath Taste!

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It’s okay for your dog to smell foul as it’s not always fresh smelling; however, if it smells offensive or stinky in addition to his loss of appetite, excessive drinking, and urinating, that’s an alarming situation! Take your puppy to the vet and have his breath taste! This will help in identifying the actual problem with your four-legged friend!

But don’t worry we will guide you with this Selection Guide Dental Toys and Treats for Your Dog

Examine Your Dog’s Teeth and Gums Regularly

It’s always recommended to examine the teeth and gums of your puppy once a week. If his teeth look white, growing no tartar and gums looking healthy pink, not showing red or white color, and developing no swelling, then your dog’s is perfectly fine! No need to worry! However, if the case is different, wait no longer to show your pet to a nearby experienced vet!

Avoid Bacteria and Plaque Forming Food

Don’t feed your dog a food that may cause the growth of bacteria or plaque on the outer lining of your dog’s teeth. Thus, always prepare a diet recommended by the vet to ensure better health of your dog!

Use Dog Teeth Cleaning Products

Never use the same toothpaste that we humans do to clean our teeth because that may damage your dog’s stomach. Instead, always consider the enzymatic toothpaste or vet recommended dog toothpaste for your dog to avoid prevailing oral problems in your dog. What if your dog has teeth that have developed tartar, plaque, or bacterial infection in gums?

Well, you may consider Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste recommended for small to medium breed puppies and adult dogs weighing between 9-20 pounds.

Containing natural ingredients including chlorophyll, cinnamon, vanilla, and clove, this patented brushless toothpaste reduces the need for using any kind of brush.

One other product that you may consider for your dog’s oral hygiene is Autoau Dog Chew Toy that’s helpful in many ways; either your dog is feeling boredom or going through separation anxiety, this Y-shaped dental stick is rightly made for your dog to chew it inside or outside the home. In addition, this toy helps in massaging your pet’s gums, reducing the growth of tartar and plaque, thus cleaning and making his teeth healthy and fresh breath.

What else can you do for your dog teeth cleaning? Well, the best way to clean your dog’s teeth is by following some basic remedies that you may try at home to avoid long-lasting oral problems in your dog.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Well, this tip may sound silly but trust me, that’s the best favor that you can ever do to your dog! No, you don’t need to brush his teeth on daily basis, instead, you may do that twice or thrice a week. Initially, your pet may resist this idea and find it awful but once you train him the way you did to trim his nails, everything will fall in place! Beware! Never brush your pet’s teeth with the human toothpaste as they contain chemicals, instead go for the toothpaste that is specifically designed for dog dental cleaning having delicious chicken or peanut butter flavor.

How will you do that? Well, it’s very simple! Try some dog cleaning products such as milk bone brushing chews, the vet recommended dog toothpaste or dental chews, enzymatic toothpaste or dental sticks for dogs that come in the market, etc. Moreover, the toothbrush that you may use should either be a dog toothbrush or a bush that fits over your fingertip but first, consult your vet before trying any toothbrush yourself!

Dog Tooth Wipes

If your dog is not comfortable with a toothbrush, you may consider another option i.e. switching up to dog dental wipes that could be rubbed against your dog’s teeth to help remove plaque or tartar. Although, they work the same as toothbrushes do; however, they can’t reach the nooks and crannies as toothbrushes do. Still, they are easy to use and manage than that of the toothbrush.

Dog Dental Treats

For dog teeth cleaning, dental treats are another best option that you may consider as they are a very good way to improve your pet’s dental health! These treats are specifically designed for plaque and tartar removal and contain the ingredients that freshen up the breath and clean your dog’s mouth. Such treats are considered more efficient for dog dental care than that of dental toothbrushes and tooth wipes as they come in a variety of sizes, flavors, and shapes.

Benefits of Dog Dental treats

Just as humans suffer from dental issues such as bad breath, plaque, tartar, swollen gums, and pain in teeth, the same way dogs also do suffer from such oral problems. 

Improving Teeth and Gum Health

Chewing helps in reducing the risks of developing plague on your dog’s teeth. Because plaque is caused by the growth of bacteria and other germs, thus your dog’s teeth can never be healthy which eventually badly impacts his overall health. Dental chews and other dental treats are always beneficial for your dog’s healthy teeth and gums.

Reducing Bad Breath in Dogs

You may somehow feel the awful breath of your dog even if he is perfectly healthy. Well, that’s perfectly fine! No need to worry! However, if you don’t care for your dog’s oral hygiene and dental care for long, he may end up growing a huge number of bacteria in his mouth which will require better dental or gum care. Take your pet to the experienced vet and undergo him medical check-up to make sure that he is not going through any serious medical problem. Besides starting proper medication, buy some best dental chews for your dog to overcome the bad breath problem of your pet.

Dog Chews

You may find hundreds of different dog dental chews and each claiming to be the best dental chew for your dog. Chewing helps in improving your dog’s oral health and makes his breath fresh. The natural chews made from meat e.g. cow ears, chicken strips, and bully sticks contain enzymes that help promote your dog’s dental health. Nylon or rubber dog chews are another best option if you are looking for calories-free chews. Nylabone Twin Pack Power Chew Flavored Durable Dog Chew Toys are one of the best products that discourage your pet’s destructive chewing with their tasty flavors, prevent plaque and tartar buildup with their ridges and nubs, ideal for dogs even weighing up to 50 pounds. 

Professional Cleanings

Another best option for your dog’s dental care is to take him to the experienced vet who will examine his teeth once in a month. He will locate, prevent, and treat the issues that might be neglected by you even if you took care of his teeth more than anything.

Gingivitis in Dogs

Gingivitis is a disease that’s very common in dogs and refers to the severe inflammation of your dog’s gums and periodontal disease. It is caused by the accumulation of bacteria which turn the gums into plaque or tartar on your dog’s teeth. Luckily, this disease is curable with regular toothbrushing and occasional check-ups with your dog’s vet.

Symptoms of Gingivitis in Dogs

The symptoms of gingivitis in dogs may start from mild to severe inflammation of your dog’s gums. The following are some symptoms of gingivitis in dogs:

  • Development of thin, red line around the dog’s gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Bad and awful breath
  • Gum bleeding
  • Pain in gums
  • Plaque and tartar development around teeth
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Loose teeth

Causes of Gingivitis in Dogs

There might be many causes behind the growth of gingivitis disease in your dog; however, the most common include:

  • Poor diet intake by your dog
  • Lack of oral hygiene
  • Plaque and tartar growth on your dog’s teeth etc.

Treatment of Gingivitis in Dogs

The following are some ways that might be helpful in the treatment of gingivitis in your dog:

  • It’s always good to wash your dog’s mouth off and on which ultimately will solve the issue of bad breath and will freshen it up.
  • Take your dog to the vet and have him recommending some anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to treat the bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth for regular cleaning.

Hope that you found this Dental Toys and Treats for Your Dog Selection Guide helpful and guide you to choose the right one for your doggo.

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