cats hairballs
Cat’s Hairball

Cats Hairballs

Not only can cats hairballs get stuck in your cat’s throat, but they can also become stuck in the small intestine blocking the digestive tract.

In severe cases of blockage, your cat could require surgery to have the hair removed. But don’t worry!

You can help reduce your cat’s risk by following these simple steps on removing existing hairballs and preventing hairballs from forming.

Regular Cat Grooming

The more fur you remove from them, the less that ends up in the stomach. Comb or brush your cat on a daily basis.

We like to use this brush or a fine-toothed comb such as a flea comb.

Make sure that your grooming tool is removing the dead fur underneath the hair coat and not just glossing over the surface.

If your long-haired cat won’t allow brushing, consider taking her to a professional groomer for a “lion-cut” once or twice a year.

Digestive Aids & Fiber

However, Skin condition is also strongly influence by nutritional status.

Fragile or irritated skin, scratching or licking, and excessive shedding are often accompanied by unhappiness and behavior changes as well.

Movement is necessary for the cat to get through the day, the joints also depend on proper absorption of nutrition.

In Addition, Adding digestive enzymes to your cat’s food can help dramatically reduce hairballs.

This enzymes actually help break down the consumed hair in the digestive system and allow for easier passage

Finally, all of this metabolism activity produces toxins that have to be cleared, chiefly by the liver and kidneys.

The Main function of these organs is importantly influence by nutritional state.

Fish Oil

To help reduce the formation of hairballs, consider giving your cat an Omega 3 supplement like

Best Paw Nutrition – Pure Omega Fish Oil.

Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful in maintaining your cat’s skin and coat health, reducing the amount of shedding.

This is one of the key factor in the formation of cats hairballs.

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We also recommend grooming your cat regularly with the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats to remove any excess hair.

The less dead hair your cat can ingest, the less likely it is for hairballs to form.